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Pursuant to an agreement between Indiana Virtual School and its authorizer, Daleville Community Schools, effective June 19, 2019, Indiana Virtual School is no longer accepting applications or enrolling new students. The school will terminate operations September 17, 2019.

If you are exploring your online school options, you may wish to consider applying to Indiana Virtual School's sister institution, Indiana Virtual Pathways Academy. It is a public alternative school that focuses on assisting students who may not have found success in traditional brick and mortar schools. You may visit for information and register to receive an enrollment link.

If you have questions about Indiana Virtual School, please call (317) 581-5355.

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Why Indiana Virtual School?

A quality education is essential to a fulfilling adult life. In today’s job market, GEDs are not as accepted by employers as in previous times. In many instances, branches of the military will only accept recruits with high school diplomas, and opportunities for advancement are greatly reduced without a diploma.

There are many reasons why students choose INVS for their education. Have you experienced bullying in your school? Do you struggle with the ‘social scene’ of the school environment? Has school become boring, not a real challenge for you? Sound familiar? Indiana Virtual School may be the solution for you to earn your high school diploma.

Do any of these scenarios relate to you, a friend or a relative?

    • Rachel is a teen mother who dropped out of high school during her pregnancy. She has only three semesters of classes left to earn her diploma, but caring for her new baby prevents her from going back to traditional school. She’s now working on her classes through Indiana Virtual School (INVS), and with the Accelerated Pace Chart provided by INVS, she’s on track to graduate a full semester earlier than she would have in a traditional high school.
    • Chase was hanging with the wrong crowd which resulted in being expelled from school his sophomore year. He found a part-time job and initially decided he didn’t need to go back to school. A friend shared how INVS was working great for him, and Chase enrolled. Now he has the connections he needs and is on course to earn his diploma and plans to attend trade school to become a mechanic.
    • Kristin’s family are missionaries, spending several months each year in Central America. While she has been homeschooled since Kindergarten, she’s now at the eighth grade level, and the courses are quite the challenge for her parents to teach. Another homeschool family member shared how INVS was an outstanding partner for them in educating their children, and Kristin is now working toward her diploma regardless of what country they happen to be in.
    • Darnell is a promising young athlete, traveling extensively with a team that competes nationwide. Instead of worrying about making up for lost study time, he’s able to finish his senior year while on the road. Because of his travel schedule, Darnell may need a little longer to complete his courses and graduate. Since INVS provides him flexibility on how and when he completes his lessons, he’s confident that with the help of INVS teachers he’ll earn his diploma and continue on to college.

These scenarios are based on actual INVS students. We offer tremendous flexibility and support from Indiana licensed teachers. Study when best for you, knowing that we’re here to help you every step of the way!