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Tips for Reading your INVS Lesson for Mastery for Students

Step 1: Open the lesson that will be studied.

Step 2: Become familiar with the resources available in the lesson. The Notes tab will explain Cornell Notes. The Glossary tab will contain important terms for the course. The Print tab will print the pages of the course.

Step 3: To maneuver around the course, click the forward arrow or back arrow to move page to page. To choose a specific page, click the dropdown box, and select page.

Step 4: The page will include subject titles (THE SKIN), Focus questions/Objectives (The focus of the lesson), Audible buttons (Integument) which will say the word, and tabs including worksheets to fill out (example below).

Step 5: Make sure to participate in all interactives including playing videos. Below the video is a button called SHOW TEXT VERSION. Click on this button to read along with the video.

Step 6: Make sure to read the entire lesson, utilize the Cornell Notes as well as all other resources, and complete all interactives prior to completing the assessment.