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How to Submit Assignments for Students

Step 1: Prior to completing the assessment, actively read the lesson, including completing the interactives.

*Note: Students are encouraged to read each page of the lesson, view and complete all interactive components, and take notes prior to completing assignments.

Step 2: Take Notes. Taking notes will assist in course success. Click on the notes tab and then click on the Cornell Notes tab to actively learn how to take notes.

Step 3: From the course page, select the module needed.

Step 4: Select the Assessment Folder.

Step 5: Choose the assessment you would like to submit. If the assessment icon is a question mark, that means the assessment is a quiz or an exam. If the assessment icon is a piece of paper, that means the assessment is a project or a written assessment.

*Note: A question-mark icon indicates an exam or quiz.
*Note: A document indicates a project or written assessment.

Step 6: Select Show Dropbox.

Step 7: Select Choose File.

Step 8: Select folder that file is saved in. We recommend to have a folder for each course to stay organized.

Step 9: Select the specific assessment that will be submitted. Double click on assessment to select the assessment.

Step 10: Verify that the correct assessment is attached to the assessment. Click submit to send the assessment to be graded.