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Pursuant to an agreement between Indiana Virtual School and its authorizer, Daleville Community Schools, effective June 19, 2019, Indiana Virtual School is no longer accepting applications or enrolling new students. The school will terminate operations September 17, 2019.

If you are exploring your online school options, you may wish to consider applying to Indiana Virtual School's sister institution, Indiana Virtual Pathways Academy. It is a public alternative school that focuses on assisting students who may not have found success in traditional brick and mortar schools. You may visit for information and register to receive an enrollment link.

If you have questions about Indiana Virtual School, please call (317) 581-5355.

With respectful regards,
Indiana Virtual Education Foundation, Inc.

Navigating Buzz for Students

1. Signing into Buzz:
  • Open your Buzz domain (e.g.,
  • Enter your Username and Password (same as BrainHoney)
  • Click Sign in.

2. Access your student dashboard.

3. Student tools breakdown:

4. Choose the course you would like to sign into by clicking on one of the course icons that appears on your Home page.

5. From the course home page, you can pick up where you would like to go. Last viewed, next up, or use the left nav bar to go directly to a specific lesson or assessment.

6. You can choose to navigate the lessons in the course by selecting a lesson from the navigation bar on the left, or by selecting it in the center of the screen.

7. You can choose to navigate the assessments in the course by selecting a lesson from the navigation bar on the left, or by selecting it in the center of the screen.

8. Choose the Performance button (third from the top) on the side navigation bar to view your grades and more.

9. The For Me section is where you will find individual activities assigned by your teacher. Select the title to be taken to the specific activity. NOTE: This activity may open in a separate window.

10. The What If calculator allows you to calculate your grades in the course.

11. The Activity report details your activity in the course.

12. Objective Mastery displays your progress toward mastery objectives in the course.

13. The Analytics view breaks down the overall performance of the class as a whole.

14. The Badges view displays any awards you’ve earned.

  • You can quickly review your overall score in each course using the Course Cards on the Home page.
  • Because your teachers have access to this same data, you can use this information as a starting point for conversations about your performance.

How Do I Complete a Self Assessment?
Buzz lets you evaluate your personal understanding, interest, and effort in a course and communicate the results easily to your teacher.
From the Home page:
  1. Select the desired course's Course Card.
  2. Click the Heart button in the toolbar.
  3. Assess yourself by selecting the appropriate color on the scale below each of the following areas:
    • Understanding
      • Red = Lost
      • Yellow = OK
      • Green = Competent
      • Blue = Expert
    • Interest
      • Red = Bored
      • Yellow = OK
      • Green = Interested
      • Blue = Very Interested
    • Effort
      • Red = Slacking
      • Yellow = OK
      • Green = Trying
      • Blue = 100%
  4. Click Submit to save and share your Self Assessment with your teacher.

Giving your teacher an honest Self Assessment can open up opportunities for you to collaborate to improve your experience and progress.