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Pursuant to an agreement between Indiana Virtual School and its authorizer, Daleville Community Schools, effective June 19, 2019, Indiana Virtual School is no longer accepting applications or enrolling new students. The school will terminate operations September 17, 2019.

If you are exploring your online school options, you may wish to consider applying to Indiana Virtual School's sister institution, Indiana Virtual Pathways Academy. It is a public alternative school that focuses on assisting students who may not have found success in traditional brick and mortar schools. You may visit for information and register to receive an enrollment link.

If you have questions about Indiana Virtual School, please call (317) 581-5355.

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Field Trips

Indiana Virtual has partnered with AET, Academic Excellence in Travel, a non-profit organization that seeks to provide students of all economic levels the opportunity to go beyond traditional education and experience the world firsthand. In effect, they want students to walk out of the classroom and into another culture.

International Tours

With AET, students can experience the ruins of Rome, the castles of France and Germany, the majesty of Great Britain, and the cultures associated with each historical site. Through these experiences, participating students will be able to relate the lessons learned in the classroom, understand the world outside their own, and broaden their horizons. See the world and make connections that will last a lifetime!

Indiana Passport

The Indiana Passport is divided into several modules, each dedicated to a specific area and location in Indiana history. At the conclusion of each day trip, the Indiana Passport is stamped by an AET tour director, showing that the student has completed one part of his or her journey through Indiana history.

Introduction: Where in the World is Indiana?

Module 1 - Indianapolis: The Capital

This module takes students to three locations around Indianapolis and teaches the history of Indianapolis, the economics of a capital city, and the structure and function of state government.

  • Indiana Historical Society, where students will be educated on-site through reading, short lectures, videos, and hands-on interactive technology
  • Lucas Oil Stadium, where students will learn through reading, short lectures, and hands-on interactive exercises on the Colts' football field
  • Indiana Statehouse and Government Center, where students will learn through reading, short lectures, and hands-on interactive exercises on the House or Senate floor

Module 2 - Angel Mounds: Native American Indiana

This module takes students to Angel Mounds State Historic Site and will allow students to experience firsthand what life in Indiana was like before white settlers arrived.

Module 3 - Corydon: Indiana's Origins

This module takes students to Corydon, IN, and to Abraham Lincoln's childhood home. It will show students what it took for Indiana to become a state and what life was like in early Indiana through the eyes of one of the most famous and beloved American Presidents.

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