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Dual Credit Programs

Ball State’s Dual Credit Program provides a convenient way for high school students to experience college courses. Our dual credit courses satisfy both high school and collegiate standards. You can graduate from high school prepared and confident.

Our courses emphasize college-level critical thinking and writing skills, exposing you to the rigors and challenges of the college curriculum. We focus on college preparation by assuring quality instruction and giving you an experience otherwise unattainable before entering college.

Take Courses at Your High School

These courses are taught on site at your high school by local teachers who are approved as adjunct instructors by Ball State. These courses are intensified to meet both your high school requirements and provide additional instruction to satisfy collegiate standards.

Take Online Courses

If your school doesn't offer dual credit courses that you need, you can take one of our online courses taught by Ball State professors.

Ball State Residential Property Management


  • We have $200 stipends for high school students who complete a 4 hour job shadowing experience in property management. (limited number available)

  • We are one of only nine universities in the nation with a residential property management program.

  • Scholarships are available: We currently have half tuition scholarships for our online RPM dual credit courses and students on the free or reduced lunch program receive free tuition for the RPM online dual credit courses (textbooks still need to be purchased).

  • Graduates with a Ball State bachelor’s degree in RPM can count on strong salaries and quick advancement.

  • Our reputation in the industry and with industry partners means property management companies look to us for employees.

  • We have 100% job placement.

For more information and application process, click here.