Pursuant to an agreement between Indiana Virtual School and its authorizer, Daleville Community Schools, effective June 19, 2019, Indiana Virtual School is no longer accepting applications or enrolling new students. The school will terminate operations September 17, 2019.

If you are exploring your online school options, you may wish to consider applying to Indiana Virtual School's sister institution, Indiana Virtual Pathways Academy. It is a public alternative school that focuses on assisting students who may not have found success in traditional brick and mortar schools. You may visit for information and register to receive an enrollment link.

If you have questions about Indiana Virtual School, please call (317) 581-5355.

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Indiana Virtual Education Foundation, Inc.

What is INVS?

Indiana Virtual School (INVS) is an online public charter school open to all students enrolled in sixth to twelfth grades. As an Indiana public charter school, we are approved by the Indiana Department of Education to operate as a public school. One important difference is that INVS provides education to Indiana students FREE of cost!

All courses are provided online and are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) as well as the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA).

Credits earned through INVS apply toward an Indiana High School diploma. Our curriculum is provided by Florida Virtual School and Plato, both award-winning curriculum developers known worldwide.

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How it Works

Once a student has completed the enrollment process, they are provided a unique sign-on to access their coursework. Students may work on their studies any time day or night, and as often as they wish. Each course has an Indiana licensed teacher that works directly with students, and students may contact teachers through a variety of methods – phone, email or Skype sessions.

Parents or guardians are able to monitor every aspect of their student’s progress including time spent on each subject, percentage of completion, chapter grades and overall grades. As students complete courses, they are able to begin new courses when they want. This gives students the opportunity to progress at an accelerated pace and allows the possibility of graduating even earlier than expected.

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Enrollment is no longer available.

From Our Students:

"My teachers are always there to help and guide me. I can meet with them when I need to for one-on-one help when I need it. I�m doing much better on my path to graduation." � Morgan B.

"Indiana Virtual School has allowed me to work a full-time job and continue working on my high school diploma. I faced bullying and teachers who didn�t really care when I was in a regular school, and decided to quit since I knew I was failing. Now I have teachers who are sincere and want to help, and I know I can do this!" � Sadie S.

"Indiana Virtual School has made it possible for me to finish high school a year early. I�ve also gained valuable skills through my paid internship the school coordinated. This has been a great program for my personal goals." � Jamie P

Parent Testimonial:

"Thank you! I was hesitant to let Luke change to home schooling because I wanted him to have an accredited program and teachers. We are so thankful for Indiana Virtual! Serving as a support for Luke does seem to be working well for us and he's enjoying learning so much now. :) I notice he's retaining information and exploring more in relation to the lessons. For example, I asked him about ancient river civilizations and he was able to explain how the Nile supported life and agriculture in the region. He remembered the capital was called Memphis. We wondered if Memphis, Tennessee, was named after the ancient city. Indeed, it was! It was because of it being on the Mississippi. Anyway, that flexibility to have time for his questions is another strength in the INVS program. Have a great week!" � Rebecca H.